Patch Guide

How to iron on your new patch

Please note this technique isn't suitable for fabrics that can't withstand high heat e.g. nylon, polyester etc. Ironing on these surfaces risks burning the fabric and the patch may not adhere properly. For these, you should sew the patch on so it's securely in place.


What you'll need:
Item of clothing/bag you want to attach your patch to
Tea towel or cloth

Step 1.
Iron the surface of your garment on its appropriate temperature to preheat the fabric and make it as flat as possible.

Step 2.
Place your patch on the garment and cover it with your tea towel or cloth. This gives you a protective barrier between your new patch and the hot iron.

Step 3.
Now set your iron to the highest temperature and press down firmly and evenly on the patch for 25-30 seconds.

Step 3.5.
Check the patch has adhered to the fabric, if it's not quite there give it another 15 seconds or so. Alternatively, turn the item over and apply heat from the back for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process until it's fully stuck.

Step 4.
Let it cool and you're done.


Ironing on a patch only lasts for so long, around 20-30 washes, so for permanent results sewing your patch would be the best bet. Or better yet, ironing and sewing will greatly prolong your patches new life on your favourite jacket or bag.


If you're unsure about what method you should use, please get in touch either through the Contact Form or email me at [email protected].